Video Of The Damage: Lot’s Of Trees Fall In The Hamptons

A lot of trees fell down in the Hamptons last night, did they make a sound?

Well, I’m finally back up online after a power outage in my house, and I can say that after a drive, the damage from hurricane Irene is definitely significant. As predicted, the lights went out and a lot of trees fell down on the ground. I took a drive through Southampton and went down to the beach. It was so windy down there that I could only stand outside by the ocean for more than a few seconds. The water just looked like a big pile of messy soup. I then headed to East Hampton to see how bad the damage was.

I’m being told by some friends that Montauk was hit pretty bad by Ditch Plains, and that the Ditch Plains Trailer Park (where I used to live) suffered some flooding and that the ocean came up all the way to the shore. Also, a tree fell directly onto 27 East in Wainscott, taking out a power line with it. There is a lot of debris on all of the streets and almost everything is closed, it’s kind of spooky to see. If you are dying for a coffee though, The Village Cheese Shoppe in Southampton is open and the 7-11 is open in Southampton as well, which is a great supply stop to get some ice to throw into your refrigerator.

I didn’t get up to the North Fork, but I heard over the radio that over 95 percent of residents in Southold lost power.

All in all, I think Irene went as expected. The storm calmed down when it finally got to us, and other than some downed trees and the lights going out, everything seems to be fine. I’d be a VERY happy guy if I was in the tree removal business in the Hamptons today.

By the looks of things, it seems that sun is finally poking its head out from behind the clouds. We survived Irene, time to celebrate! Don’t let the weekend end without a little bit of fun!

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