Jennifer Lopez, Please Don’t Cry

What happens at Mohegan Sun doesn’t stay at Mohegan Sun—at least not if you’re a crying Jennifer Lopez. The sexy singer, who just bought a house in the Hamptons, gave an unforgettable performance at the 15th anniversary of the Connecticut casino on Saturday night, but it wasn’t just her songs that have had people buzzing.

“The first record I ever made, it was all about love, and it’s been that way ever since,” Lopez said before launching into an acoustic version of her 1999 hit “If You Had My Love.” She followed that moody number by announcing that the next song was “The last song I wrote about love”—and with “One Love,” things got interesting.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary to the sell-out crowd…until Lopez was joined onstage by look-alike dancers of the ex-men in her life, including look-alikes of P-Diddy, Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony. By the end of the song, Lopez was in tears.

She has been known to cry before, having turned on the waterworks during American Idol, where she reinvented herself once more as a judge last season, but this feels different—although the degree of breakdown is up for debate, with some sides saying it was related to her front-of-the-tabloid breakups with her famous men, while others assure us it was merely an emotional reaction to an emotional response from the applauding crowd.

C’mon, Jennifer, don’t cry! You just bought a house in the Hamptons—you should be happy! And if you need a date, just give me a call!

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