S.H. Supervisor’s Race: Linda Kabot

Linda Kabot has thrown her hat into the Southampton Supervisor’s race as a write-in candidate. In a recent interview with Dan’s Papers she explained why. Kabot said, “I am providing voters with a choice. Had I not stepped up to offer my candidacy, the current Supervisor would be running un-opposed. Many people are disappointed that the Republican and Conservative Parties failed to designate a challenger resulting in blank boxes on the ballot for those party lines.” She added, “I think this election is primarily about trust. Voters need to decide who they can really trust to best represent them. As a lifelong resident, property owner and taxpayer, I can provide better representation as Supervisor. During these trying economic times, we need a courageous Supervisor who has the pulse on the community and who isn’t afraid to stand strong, tackle tough issues and take action.” When I asked her what mistakes she thought the current Supervisor, Anna ThroneHolst, has made Kabot said, “Serving as Town Supervisor is no easy task, and I think the greatest mistake that the current Supervisor has made is letting her ego get in the way of good government. Unfortunately, hubris and arrogance kicks in for a lot of public office-holders. That’s why it is necessary to have serious challengers, not just critics—but people willing to offer an alternative to the voters. [expand]

“Another huge mistake is failing to give credit to all the efforts I undertook to right the ship in Southampton Town, working with key Town administrators throughout 2008 and 2009. Instead, a revisionist history has been woven and manipulated for political posturing purposes. The facts do not lie. I stood up in 2007 to take responsibility and put an end to what I publicly called ‘political budgeting’ and ‘Enron Accounting.’” Kabot continued by saying, “I ran a primary against the then-Supervisor and went on to win the General Election. As Supervisor and Chief Fiscal Officer, I raised the red flags about the sagging economy, cut millions from the town budget, and worked tirelessly for the taxpayers. I brought the past problems to light and led the corrective actions to address the sloppy bookkeeping errors, eliminate deficits, and present structurally-balanced budgets. I provided the strong leadership necessary to safeguard our town credit rating, cut government spending, and enable the town to have a brighter future. My opponent did not do the heavy-lifting—the record reflects that I did. She did vote in favor of those balanced budgets and corrective tax levies I proposed, while obstructing other cost-cutting initiatives I made. Months later, she has now dusted them off to call them her own for the 2012 Budget.” She went on in detail about the town credit rating problem and concluded by saying, “This has really been a ‘Do-Nothing Administration,’” Kabot added, “Which is unfortunate because the people who supported her thought there would be a positive change. There is so much political bickering going on at this point, as she constantly blames what she calls ‘the majority’ for not supporting some of her proposals. There are numerous instances of untruths and misrepresentation of the facts, so the current Supervisor’s words often cannot be trusted, in my opinion—which is an opinion shared by many, many others.” When asked who she is supporting for the Southampton Board Kabot replied, “I have encouraged voters to choose Bill Hughes and Christine Scalera, for their credentials and commitment to the ideals of good government. Both of these candidates are fiscally-conservative and are well familiarized with the matters that mean the most to residents and taxpayers, such as bolstering our local economy, keeping taxes low, land preservation, and proactive code enforcement to protect our quality of life. I pledge to work cooperatively with whomever the voters select as their representative. After Election Day, it is incumbent upon public officials to work together on the people’s business to the best of their ability. For all the members of the Town Board, it really should be about serving the people, not politics or one-upmanship. I have earned respect from voters across the political spectrum for my approach to governing in a non-partisan manner.” When asked why it was important that she win the 2011 election for Southampton Supervisor, Kabot said, “The future of Southampton Town is at a crossroads. With the struggling economy, 2% state-mandated tax cap, increasing non-discretionary costs such as unfunded benefit liabilities, we need better representation and more effective leadership at the helm. Bring back a knowledgeable Supervisor who proven time and time again that actions speak louder than words.”


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