Zagat Honors the North Fork

I heart cute little foodie books, especially when they’re free! In celebration of the Concord and Niagara grape harvest, which occurs for a just a few short weeks each fall, Welch’s has partnered with Zagat Survey to create Taste the Harvest: How and Where to Eat Fresh, Local and Seasonal. You can download this 64-page guide from
What’s included in the Welch’s and Zagat Taste the Harvest guide: [expand]
Zagat Ratings & Reviews for restaurants in 16 U.S. markets recognized for their farm-to-table practices
• A selection of larger farmers markets across the country
• A “What Produce is in Season When” List
• Tips for incorporating heart-healthy, seasonal fruits and vegetables into your diet
• Exclusive seasonal recipes authored by Registered Dietitians
• Profile of a Welch’s family-farmer owner, who plants, cares for and harvests Welch’s Concord grapes
Featured are some favorite local restaurants of mine, including Luce + Hawkins and the Jamesport Country Kitchen.
We East Enders and our fabulous farmers markets are, once again, ahead of the curve. According to data just released from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 1,000 farmers markets have opened in the past year, a 17% increase from 2010. At the same time, farm-to-table restaurants continue to crop up nationwide, further demonstrating Americans’ interest in seasonal eating.
“At the heart of Welch’s annual harvest season is the delicious Concord grape, which is picked at its peak and pressed into juice within eight hours of harvesting, so families can enjoy the perfectly ripe flavor all year,” said Joseph Falcone, Chairman, Welch Foods Inc., President of the National Grape Cooperative Association, and one of 1,150 Welch’s family-farmer owners. “This guide celebrates harvest eating and will help American families eat seasonally, both at their kitchen tables and at restaurant tables.”
Whole Concord grapes – skins, seeds and all – are pressed to release natural plant nutrients, or polyphenols. Many of the polyphenols in Concord grapes are the same as those found in red wine. Research suggests that drinking grape juice helps support a healthy heart. Yum.

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