Confessions of a Psychic Tarot Reader

If you’re so psychic, why don’t you win the lottery?”
Ah, the joy of being a professional psychic. But it’s a fair question even if it’s boring how often I’ve heard it, and it deserves an answer, so here it comes:
I’ve been a psychic tarot reader for the rich and famous for a long time and if there’s one thing that I know it’s that I HAVE won the lottery! Almost all of the rich and famous people I’ve met or even read about are not as happy as you’d think they would be, given that they’re  rich and famous. But it has been my experience that every one of them will agree with me when I say that I’m truly rich because they’re not stupid even if they’re not happy. They know better than anyone that money doesn’t buy true happiness – just a lot of great stuff!
I’m rich because I’ve been waking up every day to the beautiful presence of my wife, the incredibly wise and talented artist, Amy Zerner, since 1975, the biggest win imaginable to me. We’re relatively healthy – another major win! – and our bills are paid from the both of us doing work we love, work that helps other people to enjoy their lives more, a lottery win-win!
If that answer doesn’t answer a querente’s (a great word for a person who asks a question) question to their satisfaction, then I know that I’m dealing with a pitiful example of yet another person who doesn’t know that the goal of living is to find contentment – to not only have what you want but to also want what you have and not live longing for stuff to fill the empty hole where one’s true center should and must be.
I’m not one of those lucky people who were born with their psychic gift fully developed. I became psychic the old fashioned way, literally. I earned my psychic ability by first wanting to throw off the bonds of my painful childhood by seeking knowledge of the nature of personal reality. The trick is that you don’t have to find it, but you do have to seek it. As in so many things, it’s when you set your intention and go on the journey that magic happens and now every day I take part in events that are considered magic by both the people I read for and by me, too.

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