Home Heating in the Hamptons: Stay Warm, Go Green

The winter weather has arrived to stay here in the Hamptons, which means many of you may have had a new heating system installed in your East End home—or you’re thinking about it. But with a new system comes questions, and Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning is here with the answers.

The Question: I recently installed a new ducted heating system in my home and I feel like it is not working to full capacity. Why would that be?

The Answer from Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning: Many times people replace their heating and/or cooling system with a new high-efficient heating and/or cooling system, which is great, but if the ductwork in your home is not distributing air properly then you could be losing an much as 30% of your heating and cooling right out the door.

The Question: How do I know if my ductwork is distributing air properly?

The Answer: There are few factors that determine if ductwork is working properly in your home:

  1. Is the ductwork properly sized? Would you put the same set of tires on a Mustang as you would a Ford truck? No, and that is the same concept for ductwork in homes. Every home is built differently, and your ductwork system should be customized to your home. If you have ductwork that is undersized in a home, it will be noisy and shorten the life of the heating and/ or cooling system, because there will not me enough air pushing through. If you have ductwork that is oversized, you will have hot and cold spots in your home because the air will not travel all the way through the ductwork. Make sure you have a professional company come to your home and measure for ductwork.
  2. Is the ductwork sealed properly? Even if you have the proper size ductwork it still needs to be sealed properly. Not having ductwork properly sealed causes leaks in your system, which will give you hot and cold spots and not let a system work to its proper capacity.
  3. Is your ductwork clean? Make sure your ductwork is cleaned and there are no obstructions in the ductwork.

The Question: Is there any ductwork out there that is eco-friendly?

The Answer: There is green ductwork out there called Green Flex, which can only be installed by certified HVAC companies. It’s a great alternative that is friendly to the environment and friendly to your wallet.

Have more questions about your own heating system and ductwork? You can contact Flanders Heating & Air Conditioning at 631-727-2760 for more information, or email us at [email protected].


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