Motorist Tells Tale of Drive During County Road 39 Fire

Firefighters in Southampton responded this morning to a blaze on County Road 39 that was started inside of an empty garage and caused police and firefighters to close down the road, back west from the traffic light near Budget Rent a Car and P.C. Richard and Son.

The road has since been reopened, but it caused unexpected delays for commuters during the morning rush. One driver gave us a detailed account of his experience. “It was pretty wild. I’d say there were at least 25 emergency vehicles near the fire and you could smell the smoke while on the highway. I was listening to the morning news about Mitt Romney winning the Iowa Caucus when I smelled the smoke and realized that there were something really wrong.

“At first I thought it was my car, but then I saw the tons of emergency vehicles. There were flashing lights everywhere and traffic was being diverted off of the highway. If you had to get to work this morning using County Road 39, you were out of luck. I was just glad to find out that it wasn’t a car accident and that nobody was injured.”

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