Saying Goodbye to the Old Dan’s Papers Office

The New Dan’s Papers Office

Dan’s Papers has grown past the point where we simply can no longer fit inside our office building in Bridgehampton and we are moving to Southampton on County Road 39 next week.

Today movers from Despatch were in the office taking away filing cabinets and loading them up into trucks. The new office (still being build out, above, as I type!) is much more modern than the old building in Bridgehampton, which is really more of a house than an office and has been the home of Dan’s Papers since the late 1960s.

As I sit in this old building for the final week, I’ve been doing a little reflecting on the many memories I’ve had here. I’m not so sure that I’m going to miss the bathrooms in this place, as the toilet flushing mechanism has never been very reliable. And I’m not so sure that I’ll miss the basement, either, which used to terrify me when I was kid. But I might miss the memories I’ve had hanging out with co-workers up in the attic as we rummaged through old issues looking for some old story that my Dad needed for the paper. I have a fairly vivid memory of being 16 years old, up in the attic and reading the issue of Dan’s Papers with the lead story about my being born. That was kind of a weird experience, but one I’ll never forget.

I’ll miss the parking lot, where a fair share of cigarettes have been smoked and endless office gossip chatter takes place. I’ll also miss the handicapped parking space that many employees here use all the time, including myself (I’m mentally handicapped, some of my readers pointed out a few posts ago 😉

I’ll miss the roof in the summer, and the editorial meetings that we used to have up there back in the day. I think I’ll miss the giant rock statue out on the front lawn that I used to play on as a kid.

But I’m looking forward to the new office in Southampton. It’s cleaner, more modern, and it’s way closer to where I live in Southampton. I’m slightly terrified of passing by McDonald’s on my way to work everyday, but I am looking forward to coffee runs to 7-11.