It’s NCAA Selection Sunday in the Hamptons

I know how it is for you Hamptons NCAA hoops fans. Everyone at work is talking about brackets, maybe your bar has brackets, maybe you and your wife have fights about brackets, maybe your hedge fund has brackets….you’re all just a bunch of psychotic, bracket loving, NCAA crazed loonies.

Well, your not alone. The whole darn country is excited about the NCAA Tournament—and you can’t blame anybody about it. Sports is a great way to escape some of the horrific news that has been coming out lately, and there is arguably no greater event than March Madness.

Today is the big tip-off, Selection Sunday. Aren’t you excited? ARE YOU ENJOYING THE MADNESS ALREADY?

To get you ready, the below is from one of our favorite sports sites,

The bracket won’t be revealed until CBS’ special Selection Sunday show at 6 p.m. ET, so the committee will have plenty of time to deliberate following the A-10 title game, which starts at 1 p.m. ET. The general thought is that Xavier is in the tourney no matter what, so if the Musketeers win, then nothing is going to change.

If the Bonnies win, though, it will knock out a bubble team that may have thought it was a sure bet to make it. St. Bonaventure is a solid team with a 19-11 record, as well as the top player in the conference in Andrew Nicholson. However, without the automatic bid, there is no way it makes the tournament.

With that in mind, teams like South Florida, Seton Hall, Mississippi State, Washington, Drexel, Iona and others will be watching the game intently, because they all figure to be in the mix to grab one of the final few precious tournament berths.

Come back tomorrow and share your bracket with us!

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