See Animal Planet in the Hamptons Tonight

Kitty couture reaches new heights when Animal Planet’s Must Love Cats heads to the Hamptons tonight, but as Hampton Pet Chef Bonnie Emmerich reveals, there’s love for fancy felines and shelter cats alike on the East End.

Animal Planet called me last August with an idea,” Emmerich tells. “The show’s host, John Fulton, was going on a road trip and wanted to come to the Hamptons. They’d heard of a Pet Chef who cooks for cats, and they wanted to have John help me cook for an ‘aristocat’ and then feed the less fortunate cats at a shelter.

“I immediately thought of the Southampton Animal Shelter and set something up with [executive director] Ed Fritz,” she continues. “We filmed at Cathy Deumler’s fancy Quogue house with her lovely cat, Catherine, then set out for the Shelter, where we fed the cats on the catio.”

Hampton Pet Chef Bonnie Emmerich
Hampton Pet Chef Bonnie Emmerich

Clearly impressed with Emmerich’s cat-conscious menu of such dishes as fish stew and kitty size cheese burgers, the show’s producers originally discovered her via her website, “But when they called I actually thought it was a joke,” she admits.

So, could Emmerich’s Must Love Cats gig be inspiration for a series of her own? “I have said for a couple of years how I want a cooking show for pet owners—I still do,” she says. “I love animals, and with all the terrible things in food and recalls, my fresh all-natural food is a great alternative.”

And she wouldn’t have to limit herself to just cooking—or solely cats. “I also do pet pawties with fun food for people that is safe for the pets. Most of my clients are dogs but I do welcome cats. They are a little more finicky but find my food delicious…and nutritious.”

You can catch the premiere of Bonnie Emmerich on Must Love Cats on Saturday, March 31, at 8 p.m. ET on Animal Planet.


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