This Is A Pretty Easy Way To Get A Free Dinner At Pierre’s Restaurant In Bridgehampton

Okay, so here is the deal.

Every week we send out an e-mail to our subscribers that let them know about important events in the Hamptons. We call it the Newsletter, and we have thousands of subscribers to it. It’s a great service, and it’s completely free.

Anyway, if you sign up for the service today, we will enter you into a contest for a free dinner for two at Pierre’s restaurant in Bridgehampton. Pierre’s is one of my “go to” places in the Hamptons. It’s fabulous, wonderful French food in a fantastic atmosphere.

There is no catch here. You sign up for our newsletter, you get entered into a contest to have dinner completely paid for by us. It’s a win/win. And trust me, with it being winter, and with the odds based on how many people we get to sign up, the chances are better than almost any other contest out there that you will win this. It’s just such an easy thing to do. Go for it, there is nothing you have to lose with this deal.

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