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Last Night At 230 Elm In Southampton Was Awesome

It was a really good time at 230 Elm last night in Southampton for the Last Chance Animal Rescue Benefit. The place was packed and the live music was outrageously good. American Idol star Leah Laurenti was there singing onstage, simply stunning the crowd with her voice. She sang Adel songs as well as Coldplay songs.

Whitney Brooke Knowlton of Last Chance Animal Rescue was highly pleased with the turnout and gave a great speech on the stage, thanking everybody for showing up and donating to the charity. Last Chance Animal Rescue is one of those charities that does nothing but good, and it was nice to see everybody smiling.

In true rock and roll fashion, the band, New Life Crisis showed up a little late, but when they did show up, everybody went nuts for them and started dancing.

It was a great night, for a great cause. Here’s a video of the party. Enjoy!



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