Last Night, Right Outside My House, Something Big Went Down At The Southampton Train Station

I got about twenty texts last night from various different people asking me what the heck was going on that the Southampton train station. There were lights flashing, emergency vehicles everywhere and the train was completely stopped. I thought that something big was going down, like some kind of major arrest, like drug trafficking on the train or some kind of career criminal being surrounded and rounded up.

But it seemed like a big hoopla for a pretty minor offense. Somebody apparently was spotted along the tracks of the train, and it was unknown what the person was doing. Police went out looking for the person, a wallet was found, but the person was not found. The train was stopped for more than an hour. It was given the go ahead to be allowed to travel again, and the person on the tracks remains a mystery.

Ummm….okay…safety first I guess? Is there something I’m missing here?

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