Montauk Entertainment Permit Dramatically Opposed at Hearing

Nearly 30 people crowded into a room at a hearing before the East Hampton Town Board that was standing room only. A new law that would require any establishment offering live music or other entertainment to first obtain a town permit has outraged many in Montauk, and they expressed their dislike of the proposed law at the hearing.

Speakers stated strongly that they did not supoort the entertainment permit proposal. In addition to noting that they are already over-regulated, businesses spoke about the need to make a living and how they have a very limited time frame in which to achieve this—and how they need the summer tourists to support them through the winter.

Paul Monte, CEO of Gurney’s Inn, read a list of more than 30 permits and regulations his business must adhere to, to which he received a long round of applause.

Several musicians said the law would put them out of business and that there should be more places for them to play. Job Potter, a former councilman, said he feels musicians are like artists, and government should be encouraging this industry. Almost everyone pointed out that people come to East Hampton to be outdoors and the Town should do everything they can to promote being outside.

Laraine CreeganPresident of the Montauk Chamber of Commerce—which represents hundreds of businesses in Montauk—said that every single one of them is strongly opposed to the new permit.

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