Peeking Inside The Maidstone Golf Club

A golf course over 100 years old, the Maidstone can still be played like brand new every time. At the end of the 19th century, the East End was discovered by the rich and famous of New York. After the Long Island Railroad was built all the way out to the Hamptons, where there was land to be bought and built on, the East End became a staple of outdoor sports and fun.

This scenic and challenging course dates back to 1891 when it was originally designed along the Atlantic Ocean as a tennis and bath club. The club was given the name Maidstone, after the original name of East Hampton. In 1894 a three-hole course was added and from there the course started to grow.

In 1896 professional Scottish golfer Willie Tucker designed a braver course which consisted of nine holes. This led the town, which consisted of avid golfers, to demand an 18-hole course. In 1899 Willie Park Jr. and his brother Jack along with Adrian Larkin designed the course that stands today. In 1919, the original clubhouse burnt down, and a more modern clubhouse was built alongside the ocean with luxurious amenities and beautiful views. The course is mostly treeless, with natural landscapes which is optimal for a perfect golf environment. The Atlantic sea breeze also gives it a touch of difficulty when playing along the coast.

Famously, Maidstone’s 14th hole, a par 3, runs along the dunes parallel to the ocean. A slice out of bounds can go over the bathers and into the sea.

After Bernard Darwin, proclaimed British golf writer, visited the course he proclaimed it the most “Link like” course in America and had the best “dune holes” he’d ever seen. The rave review as “link like” draws comparisons to Scotland’s famous St. Andrews, renowned as golf’s birthplace.

Although one of the most known and acclaimed golf courses, the Maidstone has never hosted the U.S. Open or any other major event. The reason is because the Maidstone is one of the hardest clubs to join in the world. To be a member is a high honor, and the members have a strict privacy policy. Not only that, although the course is one of the most challenging, it is not long enough for a huge tournament let alone space for people and camera crews to stand because its nestled back through a neighborhood and the Atlantic Ocean.

The whole Maidstone Golf Club actually consists of 27 holes. The nine-hole west course, as they call it, is easier and is usually used by people learning and beginning the game of golf. Both courses are ranked top 100 in the world and in classic golf courses.

On June 4, 2012 anyone will have the rare opportunity to play this course through the event “Play the Links at the Maidstone Golf Course.” Through Guild Hall you can purchase a ticket or sponsor someone to play. Not only will you attend lunch at the famous clubhouse, try your best for par on the 18-hole course, eat dinner and attend an awards ceremony at the clubhouse, you also have the chance to win a brand spanking new Porsche Panorama. Yes, that’s right you can win a new car. If you get a hole in one you drive home in this luxury vehicle.

Come out and support Guild Hall on June 4 and test your golf stroke to win a new car. If the worst thing you can get out of it is having an awesome time playing one of the most legendary courses in the world, food and cocktails, and maybe a car, why not?


Play the Links at the Maidstone Golf Course is an event through Guild Hall. Tickets are $700 per person and $300 and up to sponsor someone. For more Contact Cailin Keller at [email protected] or Laura Perrotti at [email protected]

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