Tall Ships To Invade Greenport. Very Cool.

The Tall Ships Challenge in Greenport is looking to be pretty cool. 7 tremendously beautiful tall ships will be headed to Greenport where tourists and locals can board the ships, talk to the crew and learn about their history, and also enjoy a carnival and live music that will be hosted by the Town.

The history of tall ships is just so amazing. These massive vessels dominated the world and created a trading platform that was never seen before.

One of the most interesting ships that will be there over Memorial Day weekend is the Bounty which is a reconstruction of the original sailing ship HMS Bounty, which served in the Royal Navy.  The MGM film studio built it for the 1962 film named Mutiny on the Bounty and was built to exact specifications of the original vessel, but increased in all by approximately one third to accommodate the large 70 mm cameras used in the filming. Bounty was scheduled to be burned at the end of the film, however Marlon Brando threatened to walk off the set in protest, so MGM kept this vessel in service.

Not a bad thing to at the very least check out for a bit of the day this Memorial Day. I can’t believe it’s almost here!

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