County Parks May Ban Smoking

Suffolk residents may soon be able to find refuge from secondhand in and outside as Legislator William Spencer has laid an amendment to table that proposes to prohibit smoking in County parks and beaches.

The benefits of Legislator Spencer’s Introductory Resolution 1521 are twofold as it would not only protect residents from the detrimental effects of secondhand smoke, but would also preserve the natural beauty and cleanliness of our parks and beaches by preventing cigarettes from being discarded in these areas. The amendment only applies to parks and beaches and would still allow for smoking in designated parking areas and would not apply to golf courses or campgrounds.

Smoking is currently not addressed under Suffolk County’s Parks and Park Facilities Prohibited Acts (Chapter 643, Article I).

New York City banned smoking at all City-owned parks and beaches in 2011.

Legislator Spencer’s proposed law will be addressed at the Suffolk County Legislature’s next General meeting tomorrow, June 19th.


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