Dan’s Taste of Two Forks Countdown: Chef Chris Gerdes of Blackwells

If Executive Chef Chris Gerdes of Blackwells could make one request of the culinary gods, it would be for “more organic farms,” Gerdes says. If your request of those same deities has been to meet and greet and eat the creations of the top chefs on the East End, then the second annual Dan’s Taste of Two Forks food and wine event on July 14 is your answer. And speaking of answers, we couldn’t help but ask Gerdes for a few more as we look forward to seeing him at the event!

What are you most looking forward to at Dan’s Taste of Two Forks: Sharing my love of food and cooking with new people.

What is one food or dish that everyone should try at least once in life? Fruit and vegetables right out of the garden.

Describe your relationship with food in three words: Art, Craft and Community

What quality do you most admire in a chef? Organization

What would be your one request of the cooking gods? More organic farms

If we looked inside your refrigerator right now, what would we find? Fresh Fruit, vegetables and fresh brewed iced tea

The perfect drink for a summer night: Prosecco

Food that defines summer on Long Island: Sweet Corn

If you had two forks in your hands right now, what would you like to stick them in: Fresh Pasta & Broccoli Rabe

The world ends tomorrow. Your last meal would be: Ratatouille and Brown Rice with Broccoli with my wife

Your favorite local ingredient: Anything from the sea

What is your guilty food or drink pleasure these days: Fresh Berry Soy Milk Smoothie

What’s great about being part of the cuisine culture on the East End: Quality and Variety

What do you consider a chef’s most underrated virtue? Calm under stress

Finish this sentence: The Perfect Meal Is…: Shared with Friends

The second annual Dan’s Taste of Two Forks is Saturday, July 14, at Sayre Park in Bridgehampton. Click here for more information and to get your tickets now!

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