Essentials of Personal and Property Security

High-profile homes and residents in the Hamptons are increasingly topics of observation, but not always by choice. In today’s world, everyone needs some type of security, from personal to property protection. Yet not everyone requires the same type of security detail. Each individual, family or even an event offers a unique situation that needs to be evaluated before an effective plan can be put into action.

Experience, integrity and discretion are invaluable when deciding upon a security firm to assist you, your business and your loved ones. We spoke with Gold Shield Executive Security President and Owner Lawrence Uvino, a retired Lieutenant and a 26-year veteran of the NYPD, and members of his top-level security team about some of the key factors to consider.

How does one know if he or she requires personal security services? What would a security analysis entail?

Gold Shield Executive Security: One must evaluate his or her financial position, executive status and then assess all possible options of protection while remaining discrete. A security analysis weighs all options to an individual along with family protection. Estate location, established perimeter security, working personnel and daily routines play a major part in establishing the required necessary security. Security is to detect, deter and prevent an occurrence from possibly happening while also adding a comfort of protection that comes from knowing that professionals are on site.

How do you go about creating a custom security plan for an individual or family?

Gold Shield Executive Security: Knowing the family, their daily chores and business meetings play a major role in security analysis. These movements are pre-anticipated, and based on them a guideline is established to minimize any actions against a person or property. Routines are trends that are easily marked by criminals. It is important to switch hours of leaving a home, going shopping or just relaxing in your yard. Constant changes of times for these activities, as well as the type of vehicle you travel in and dress ethics, deters criminal actions.

For a home, whether it is in the Hamptons, New York City or Greenwich, Connecticut, the size of the estate, the location, access on and off the property and camera systems, along with staff, play a major role in security protection.

What are some of the current trends in security that executives should be aware of?

There have been many changes in the last 10 years. Cars today have smoked windows, entrance to functions is now by a rear door, and high-publicity executives are becoming very private to avoid exploitation. The key to an effective security plan is remaining discrete while maintaining maximum, security protection.

Gold Shield Executive Security staff and employees have provided security services for Fortune 500 executives and other high-profile clients and their families. Services can include 24/7 Executive Security, Armed/Unarmed Veteran Officers, Dignitary Escort and Corporate-Social-Special Function Security, as well as Property Security Management, 24/7 Estate Surveillance Protection and Home Security Analysis. For more information about your personal, property and event security in the Hamptons, New York City and Connecticut, contact Gold Shield Executive Security at 516-945-9911 or visit them online at

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