Mitt Romney Is Headed to the Hamptons

mitt romney

The Hamptons will be a hotbed of political power this summer, with David Koch will be throwing a fundraiser for Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney this July—although that won’t be the only stop out on the East End for the man looking to unseat President Obama.

Politico Reports: But with the primaries now over, Koch is set to host an event for Romney in his Hamptons home on July 8 when the candidate makes a swing through the tony fundraising haven, according to invitations circulating.

Koch’s event is one of at least three that Romney is doing that day. Earlier he’s at an event hosted by Cliff Sobel, an ambassador to Brazil under George W. Bush, and a separate one by Ronald Perelman, the cosmetics honcho who was a John McCain booster in 2008.

Koch is an American businessman, philanthropist and political activist and is a co-owner (with his older brother Charles) and an executive vice president of Koch Industries, a conglomerate that is the second-largest privately held company in the U.S. Koch was the second-richest resident of New York City as of 2010 and owns a large estate on Meadow Lane in Southampton.

Ronald Perelman’s estate, which is located in East Hampton and is well known as being called “The Creeks,” will be the location of another Romney fundraiser and will surely be packed with celebrities and high society. Perelman is the 25th richest American, and 64th richest person in the world, with an estimated wealth of $12 billion.

Last year Mitt Romney did some preliminary fundraising in the Hamptons, at the East Hampton mansion owned by former US Assistant Treasury Secretary Emil Henry Jr. and at a fundraiser at billionaire John Paulson’s Southampton estate.

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