A Real Housewife Gets Caught Up In Hamptons Rental Drama

Not only has The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Kim Granatell been known for causing some drama of her own at party or two, but now Kim’s daughter, Gia, has been caught up in some Hamptons party chaos. Gia attended an after prom party in East Hampton on June 8, held at a resident that was supposedly subletted by Lee Hnetinka of Hamptons and Sons. Little did Gia and friends know, Hnetinka had rented the house for the summer from homeowner Lucy Sachs for $30,000 who was not aware it was being rented out for multiple graduations and after prom celebrations, which reeled in an estimated $60,000 per weekend.

On June 8, Sachs received a tip from a neighbor that a party bus had pulled into her driveway, disco ball and all. Curious to see what this was all about, Sachs arrived at her mansion to find a group of teenagers partying in her home. Furious with what she had found, the teens were asked to leave the East Hampton house they had rented out for the weekend. Housewife Kim Granatell apparently paid $510 to Lee Hnetinka for her daughter to attend this weekend extravaganza in the Hamptons and her along with many other angry parents expect a full refund.

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