After Party Host Is A Good Job

I think the title of “after party host” is a job that is up there with “bikini model oiler”.

The word, AWESOME comes to my mind when I think about the Dan’s Taste of Two Forks event last night at Sayre Park in Bridgehampton.

I tried some of the best food that I’ve ever tried in my life. I tasted wine from all of the best vineyards on Long Island. I had Amstel Light and beer from the Southampton Publick House. The music by DJ Phresh was incredible, and everybody and I mean EVERYBODY was happy at TOTF yesterday.

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten was on hand greeting everybody at the event, taking pictures and signing books. Farrell Building Company had a huge display outside next to the Lincoln MKX, where you felt like you were having dinner inside of a luxury kitchen.

And the food, Oh God was the food good. LuAnn de Lesseps from the Real Housewives of NYC was trying all of the different food along with Nicole Miller who served as the ambassador of the event.

It was nearly impossible to give every restaurant a try that was there. But I tried an incredible fish taco from the 1770 House, an epic Banzi Burger, food from Luce and Hawkins, The North Fork Table and Inn, Smokin’ WOlf BBQ, Open Minded Organics and Georgica. It was just one great tasting after another after another after another.

To sum it up, you basically had the best food in the world and the best wine and beer in the world, all, quite litereally, under one tent. Sensation. The Taste of Two Forks does it again.

And then, there was the after party, which I was the host of. I’ve never been the host of a party in my life, so I really didn’t know what to expect, but I have to say, if you ever have the opportunity to host a party, you should take it. It’s a pretty cool thing to do.

When I got to Georgica in Watermill, the place was already getting packed and there was already a line that was stretched out the door. But for me, “Mr. Rattiner, right this way, thank you for being here.”

My memories of nightclubs in college went a little something like this when I would walk down to Landsdown Street with my buddies in the hopes of getting into the “it” club. We would wait online in the freezing Boston cold, we’d pretend that it didn’t bother us, and then when we got to the door the bouncer would say something like this, “Sorry guys, I can’t let you in.”

“Why not?” we’d protest.

“You got no women with you. What did you think was going to happen?”

Then we would leave with our tail between our legs, eat pizza somewhere and write on our facebook pages how awesome of a time we had at the nightclub that we got turned away from.

Things have changed for me I guess.

I was literally escorted by a bouncer into Georgica, but not before a photographer took a picture of me and a drink was offered to me by the manager of the place. I then headed out into the back of the restaurant where a table was waiting for me, along with a couple of my co-workers, and I pretty much went into, “Whoa this is a pretty cool gig,” mode.

And I sat there, talking with my girlfriend and office collegues and watched all of the people that were showing up from the DTOTF event dance the night away.

If this is what hosting a party means, I’m not gonna complain.

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