Great Granola!

How about a handy take-along snack for kids of every age. No, it’s not Jell-o or s’mores.

It’s hot. You’re munchy. While the song of the traditional ice cream truck is always welcome, sometimes a typical snack just won’t do. Fresh on the scene this summer a new epicurean options: Nothin’ But Premium Snack Bars.

So many times you hear conflicting notions of what foods to eat, what to avoid – the options can be intimidating. What to trust? But Jerri Graham of Nothin’ But Premium Snack Bars had the idea of “delivering.”

Once he decided the granola in store-bought packages had more oats than other ingredients, he wanted to make a snack for people that promised flavor while also delivering on nutrition. That’s when he came up with the Nothin’ But Bars, Bites and Bits.

Made with real, wholesome ingredients like organic oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruits blended with organic cane sugar, olive oil and honey, Nothin’ But are snacks that will fill you up. But, you can feel good about consuming these healthy treats.

Made with raw nuts, dried fruit and organic oats, there’s good reason that this is slated to be the next great treat. Finally a bar that you can enjoy without enduring the all-pervasive ‘Did I just eat that?!’ guilt trip.

Dan’s Papers had the pleasure of sampling some of the flavors. The Chocolate Coconut Almond immediately tasted of Belgium chocolate followed by a rush of cocoa. The coconut was a nice, light touch to the bar. The almond made for the grand finale with a crunch. It was decadent and delicious.

Then there was the Ginger Lemon Cashew bar. The back reads, “From the first bite when a zing of ginger explodes on your tongue followed by the creamy nuttiness of cashews, you’ll know that you’re experiencing a bar unlike anything you’ve had before.” Succinct and true.

The taste of ginger hits immediately. The lemon comes at unexpected points, which makes the bar more exciting.

It was nice to see that the nutritional information was divided by half the bar, that way you can save the other half for later – when you’ll again be you’re eating healthy.

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