Hamptons Youtube Adventures: Making Cheese And Crazy Work Outs

This morning I did a little research on what happened with the party crashers at Mitt Romney’s weekend fundraisers. I started searching the term “Hamptons” on youtube.com and some interesting videos came up, and no, they are not the ones that are of the Mitt Romney protest. They were surprisingly hypnotic. I thought I would share.

I have no idea who this girl Amanda is, but holy crap is she in shape. Here she is in the Hamptons doing a work out, I stared in awe at my computer (I wonder what my co-workers were thinking). Is it possible to be “too” in shape? Be careful! Anyway, I still watched this.

That was fun right? Pass me my doughnut.

Or cheese.

Because the next video that popped up on my screen was this one, “How To Make Cheese” by Mecox Dairy Farms. If you’ve never been there, you should go, they have a live Turkey just walking around the store. It’s hilarious.


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