M.C. Hammer Comes To The Hamptons

This past Saturday evening M.C. Hammer joined a short list of musical legends that have performed out East over the past decade, including Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel, Lionel Richie, Prince, Diana Ross, Jon Bon Jovi and the late, great Donna Summer. 

Stanley Kirk Burrell a.k.a. M.C. Hammer performed live in Bridgehampton at the Fairview Farm. He played several hits including;  “Too Legit to Quit,” “I Pray” and “Hammer Time” at The Alexander Soros Foundation’s first annual public event “UNMASKED,” which raised more than 150k to benefit Global Witness.  Hammer was in great spirits post performance and made a point to stand behind the foundation’s global message. He said, “No matter what your religious conventions are they should equate to love.  Love for people, love for your fellow brothers and to try to do everything that you can. Support one another that is what the essence of all of our purpose is all about.”

According to the late Whitney Houston’s father John Houston, M.C. Hammer had another purpose in life, to marry his daughter WhitneyHammer revealed back in January 1991 that he was at Super Bowl XXV where he saw Houston perform the National Anthem.  According to Hammer, who was hanging in the greenroom behind the scenes, “Whitney’s dad pulled me and Whitney in a room and said ‘you know Hammer, you should really consider marrying Whitney.’  And, I said, ‘I’d love to but I’m already married.’”

Hammer went on and reminisced, “I love my wife dearly but, I always laughed about that.  Always a big fan of Whitney.  I loved Whitney and miss her dearly.”  Hammer and his wife, Stephanie, (who he met in Church) have been married for almost 30 years, yet Hammer shared, “I always kept my connection with her very casual but I always considered myself a friend of Whitney Houston.”  Hammer who is a family man first with five children (two girls and three boys) continues to perform worldwide and even brings his kids on the road with him.  Hammer’s sons were all with Dad on stage performing live in the Hamptons. 14-year-old Jeremiah a.k.a. Hammer Jr. sang with Dad during “Too Legit To Quit.”  16-year-old Booby Hammer had a rap solo. When I asked Booby if his Dad ever told him the Whitney Houston story he said, “No!  Never!”  I joked and said things could have been very different for him if his Dad married Houston.  He laughed and replied, “Yeah, I guess I wouldn’t be here!”

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