Quidditch Game In The Hamptons On Saturday, Who’s In?

If you are Harry Potter obsessed, then it’s Quidditch time baby! And no, you are Harry Potter nerd if you play, okay…well you are slightly a Harry Potter nerd if you play, but isn’t that the point?

The First Annual Quidditch Champagne Cup in Quogue is on Saturday, and from the Harry Potter movies I think I have a basic enough understanding of how the game is played—two teams flying (or running) around on broomsticks, trying to throw quaffles (balls) through goals and catch a snitch (smaller ball). But for anyone getting ready to watch the First Annual Quidditch Champagne Cup, knowing about the penalties seems as important as understanding how to score points.

I am not going to be able to offer any insights of my own. So I turned to my friends at Wikipedia for some help with the below (actually, I turned to them for the actual definitions themselves):

Blagging: No player may seize any part of an opponent’s broom to slow or hinder the player

Blatching: No player may fly with the intent to collide.

Blurting: No player may lock broom handles with the intent to steer an opponent off course.

Bumphing: Beaters must not hit Bludgers towards spectators

Cobbing: Players must not make excessive use of their elbows against opponents.

Flacking: Keepers must not defend the posts from behind by punching Quaffles out of the hoops— goals must be defended from the front.

Haversacking: Chasers must not still be in contact with the Quaffle as it passes through a hoop

Quaffle-pocking: Chasers must not tamper with the Quaffle in any way.

Snitchnip: No player other than the Seeker may touch or catch the Golden Snitch.

Stooging: No more than one Chaser is allowed in the scoring area at any one time.

Happy Quidditching, everyone. Not sure if that’s in any Quidditch dictionary, but it ought to be. Although it’s not as fun to say as quaffle-pocking.


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