Secrets of Enchantment


The absence of a myth illustrating how to live happily ever after has undoubtedly contributed to centuries of wildly romantic courtships, storybook weddings, and marriages from hell. This absence is a tragedy with ramifications well beyond the present.


However, the word enchanted itself offers a clue as to how we can actually go about attaining this exalted state. It is derived from the Latin incantare meaning “to sing into.” We all know the powerful effect of inspiring music added to powerful words, which are then sung “into” us by a beautiful voice. We become enchanted, and no wonder! A great deal of thoughtful preparation and artistic skill has gone into making it happen.

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When we are in an enchanted state:


o We have harmonious relationships.


o Our faces are filled with love, light, and laughter.


o We are loving to children and animals.


o We take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.


o Our sleep is deep and relaxed.


o We are well-liked in our communities.


o We have compassion and empathy toward others.


o We live peacefully.


o We enjoy the simple pleasures in life.


o We use our talents to bring happiness to others.


o We share our feelings.




© Monte Farber from  his book “The Soulmate Path”

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