Unto thine own self, be true

Far too many people are not happy about their lives, chiefly because they do not feel what they do on a daily basis is a true expression of their unique personalities. Fortunately, living your life in a connected, healthy and balanced way is an attainable goal. Whether or not you want to make your living doing what you love, or to bring more joy and happiness into your life, there are principles we can show you to help you live your life in a more satisfying way. Not someday, but now.

Everyone can make their life a work of art and their art a work of life. This is not some idealistic dream. It is not only possible to approach whatever you do in a spiritual and creative way, it is essential.

Shakespeare said, “Unto thine own self, be true.” When you make the decision to live your life that way, you must learn to value that decision, your bravery, dedication, and talent beyond the value of any goals society may hold out to you. You must also value those things beyond even your some of your own goals, for those goals were made before you decided to live true to your self.

In all the years you live, you will reach your major goals only a handful of times. But you will wake up every day with the choice of either longing for what you don’t have or being satisfied with the fact that you are doing your best to do what you think is right with your life. You can choose to tune in to the frequency of lack and longing or to that of contentment. Happiness and creativity are both choices available to you.


Having the intention to grow like a seed is at the heart of creativity. The challenge to live life creatively is the challenge to recapture the sense of adventure, wonder, and playfulness that children  naturally possess. Be open, innocent, and childlike, and you will open the channels.

words © Monte Farber , art © Amy Zerner
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