Author Alyssa Shelasky Needed A Ride In The Hamptons

Alyssa Shelasky, Author of "Apron Anxiety"
Alyssa Shelasky, Author of "Apron Anxiety"

I can’t believe how many friends of mine come out to the Hamptons without getting a car to rent. I got a call from Alyssa Shelasky on Saturday while at the Monika Olko Art Gallery opening. Alyssa is a famous writer who wrote the book, “Apron Anxiety” which is a hilarious read.

She was in the Hamptons promoting it at the Author’s Night event in East Hampton and then got stuck without a car. “Do you know anybody that wants to make a quick fifty bucks? I need a ride from East Hampton to Water Mill and can’t find a cab! Help!”

I made a few calls and couldn’t find anybody, and I couldn’t do it myself. “Maybe walk to the jitney and pay a one way fare for a short ride,” I said. “I can’t find anybody that can do it right now and I can’t either. OH WAIT I HAVE AN IDEA!”

“What is it?”

“Maybe you could just hop on the Hamptons Subway?!”

She didn’t laugh.

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