Photo: The Oddest/Worst Parking Job I’ve Ever Seen In The Hamptons


Yesterday, our Marketing and Events Manager at Dan’s Papers, Ellen Dioguardi, headed out to pick her car up at Joe’s Garage in Southampton when she saw the above car in the middle of the road at the County Road 39 intersection in Southampton where the 7-11 is. She snapped a quick picture and sent it to me.

“I was looking in my rearview window, amazed that it was just parked there,” Ellen said.

Later on in the day Ellen went out to lunch and saw a cop writing the car a ticket while it was still parked in the middle of the road.. Two hours later? Huh? What the heck happened here?

My guess on what happened, the guy ran out of gas and was so embarrassed he just got the hell out of there. It’s a little suspicious however because there are literally three gas stations in that area, all within about 100 yards of one another.

Maybe it was stolen and taken for a joy ride?

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