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Restaurant Review: Grana

You know those places that you discover tucked away somewhere? They may be small and hard to find, but the food packs a punch? Though right on the main drag, Grana in Jamesport is one of those places.
As you enter Jamesport, slow down, otherwise you might miss this gem that serves delectable Italian food.
When you first walk in, there is a large brick oven that Grana’s staff uses to cook their fabulous pizzas and homemade bread. All of the tables are a little different, which brings an eclectic, yet cozy, feel to the restaurant.
On this particular night, I invited my mom to come along with me, and as soon as we were seated our lovely waitress came over and raved about her favorite items on the menu. She recommended that we try the fresh corn salad as a starter and we couldn’t refuse her enthusiastic suggestion. First she brought out a few slices of their freshly baked bread, which had a crunchy outside and warm, soft inside. Then came the corn, which was definitely fresh because it burst in my mouth. Clearly it was cut right off the cob not too long before we arrived. The combination of the sweet corn, juicy tomatoes, and spicy onions and red peppers worked wonderfully together.
For our entrees, my mother and I shared a pizza and a pasta dish that, again, our waitress couldn’t say enough about. The pizza had figs, caramelized onions, and Gorgonzola. The flavor profile of this pizza was so incredible, it is almost indescribable; the sweet figs and onions contrasted perfectly with the salty, gooey cheese, and that crust was thin and crisp; it was absolutely delicious. The pasta dish we had was fettuccini with oyster and crimini mushrooms in a light cream sauce. The pasta was freshly made and had a nice bite to it. The mushrooms were cooked just right and had an intense, earthy flavor that perfumed the entire dish. Both of these dishes were also not too filling; you feel like you can just keep eating and not feel stuffed as you do with pizza or pasta.
It was a good thing we weren’t overstuffed because what came for dessert was also extremely luscious. On this evening the chef had made carrot cake and it was unlike any other carrot cake I have ever had. The piece that was brought out to us looked like a solid brick of goodness. The icing was almost an inch thick and the cake was moist, yet it had texture from the carrot, coconut, and raisins. The frosting was surprisingly airy and wasn’t at all pasty or outrageously sugary. It was the perfect way to end this Italian meal.
At Grana they pride themselves on serving fresh, local food with an Italian twist. Most of the items on the menu aren’t exactly traditional Italian fare, but they are all delicious.
It is worth it to go there just for some fresh baked bread and a glass of wine; that’s how good it is.

Grana, 1556 Main Road, Jamesport. 631-779-2844.

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