The “Best of the Best” Competition is Here Again!

The time for Dan’s Best of the Best 2012 is here! Anyone can vote for their favorite businesses in a variety of categories to determine what really is the best of the best out here in the East End.

Last year there were over 200 voting categories grouped into different sections, ranging from Food/Dining, where people can vote for the best bakery, seafood restaurant and more, to Home Services, where people can vote for the best landscaping, the best electrician, and more. Other sections included Travel and Leisure, Entertainment, and Miscellaneous. There were also separate sections for the North Fork and Montauk, which get their own Best of the Best winners.

Businesses aren’t the only ones that can win a Dan’s Best of the Best award. There are also categories for individuals, such as best waiter and best waitress, as well as best local musician and local band. Dan’s also gives voters a chance to vote for the best Dan’s cover, a prize awarded to the particular artist that created it. A big portion of the North Fork section is the
Wine and Wineries section; where voters don’t only choose their favorite winery but also
their favorite types of wine, wine stores, and tasting rooms.

Readers of Dan’s Papers and visitors to are able to vote for winners of the Best of the Best. Readers can nominate for each category, then vote for their favorite nominees. All voting and nominating is done on, where potential voters must create a login with their email so Dan’s can track votes and everyone has an equal chance of winning.

It’s great that people have the chance to nominate their favorite businesses, Anyone can nominate for any of the categories. Then the voting begins. In this year’s Best of the Best there are probably going to be about five possible choices in each category. These choices will be taken from last year’s winners and the top nominees.

Winners of Dan’s Best of the Best can be either classified as Gold or Platinum, depending on how many votes they gained, and sometimes there is even a tie. These winners will be invited to an awards ceremony, where they will be presented with a certificate of achievement. They then can display a Dan’s Papers Best of the Best emblem in their business and in all of their advertisements.

This year’s Best of the Best is different than previous years because it’s beginning in the summer, rather than after Labor Day. Maybe this will put a different spin on the nominations, since the East End is certainly a different place in the summertime. Some businesses that are normally more active in the summer may get a chance that they hadn’t had before. There will likely be a lot more people voting, since our local population grows in the summer.

It will be interesting to see who will be this year’s winners, and you can help decide by submitting your nominations at, and voting for your favorite people and businesses throughout the East End.

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