Video: Boxing On The Beach In Southampton With Trainer Yevgeniy Kievskiy And Getting My Butt Kicked

David Lion Rattiner and Yevgeniy Kievskiy boxing in Southampton
David Lion Rattiner and Yevgeniy Kievskiy boxing in Southampton

I met Yevgeniy Kievskiy quite randomly while at a deli in Southampton. I immediately became interested in him because he is a professional boxing coach in Manhattan and has trained fighters all over the world. “Wanna do some training at the beach?” Yevgeniy, who hails originally from the Ukraine, but currently has a gym in Brooklyn and does private training in the Hamptons, asked with a heavy accent.

“Hell yes.”

So we went to Road D beach in Southampton, walked down to where there weren’t too many people, and I ended up getting a workout that I will not soon forget. Yevgeniy has been boxing since he was 13 and began in Kiev, and he wasn’t messing around. We began with a light jog, which lead to him saying, “I want to see how many push-ups you can do, GO.”

I hit the sand. When I stopped at 30 he said, “Do a few more.”

From there we shadow punched without gloves. Yevgeniy taught me proper technique for fighting, “You’re an aggressive fighter, I’m surprised,” he said.


There was something incredibly cool about getting trained by a fighter from Eastern Europe. His heavy Ukrainian accent made me feel like I was getting trained by a the Russian fighter played by Dolph Lundgren in “Rocky.”

The intense exercise, combined with the sun and the beach and the ocean, it was all just magic.

It was awesome, and I didn’t want it to end, even though I felt like I needed to throw up when the beach session was over. By the end of the 1 hour training, Yevgeniy was already sparring with me a bit on the beach, calling out various combinations. I had a friend I met on the beach take this video below. Keep in mind, this was at the END of the work out 🙂 

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