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What Should We Re-Name My “Twentysomething” Column?

I’ve had a column in Dan’s Papers for the last 13-years. I was 17-years-old when I started and back then the name of my column was called “Away At School.”

I don’t know why, but I never stopped, it just felt normal to me to do after a while and everybody would tell me that they liked it. When I graduated college and began working for Dan’s Papers, I re-named my column to “Twentysomething” at the age of 22 years old.

On August 26th, I turned 30-years-old, so I no longer can call it Twentysomething, but I have no idea what to call it? I don’t really want to call it Thirtysomething, mainly because I don’t want to go through this problem again when I turn forty years old, assuming that I make it until then.

So what do I call it? I’m asking you. If you have any ideas, comment them below.

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