Wine Spectator Article Upsets Local Winemakers

An article called, “The Big Grapple: Can Long Island Wines Get Some Respect?” that was posted to has some people on the North Fork and the South Fork upset.

The post states, “I went out to the East End with some friends to do some casual wine touring, but I also wanted to meet with a few winemakers and ask them about this. Why do Long Island wines get a bad rap, still? What can be done about it?”

Much of the post explores the question of, “Why does Long Island wine have a bad reputation?”

Many winemakers say that the post is biased, and have spoken out, including Roman Roth from Wolffer Estate Vineyards, who commented on the site, saying, “I would like to address those whose comments express a malicious and very passe prejudice against Long Island wines. I have been a winemaker since 1982, working in Germany, California and Australia. I came to Long Island in 1992 and have been fortunate and proud to participate in the amazing growth of our region over 20 years. If you want to see and experience one of the most amazing and serious wine events in the world and taste some of the best wines that can stand up to the top, then come to Harvest East End today! From 6 to 9, you can see that our region is very focused, serious and makes very special hand crafted wines with character. I challenge you all-pretentious and serious, judges and bloggers alike to come and take a good look at all the fantastic wines we make. And what is even more special about our region is that we know how to combine seriousness and fun! Here is your challenge-if you want to keep writing negative statements and articles, call me and I can send you to every wine region in the world where you will find something bad to taste and write about! But if you want to discover something new and exciting, come to Long Island and we will show you that we stand up to the best. I hope to meet you personally tonight!”


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