“Mission Of Mermaids” Is Susan Rockefeller’s Plea To Take Care Of Our Oceans

Gina Bradley and Susan Rockefeller
Gina Bradley and Susan Rockefeller

Yesterday I spoke with Susan Rockefeller, the documentary filmmaker who made the movie “Mission of Mermaids” that is playing in East Hampton today as part of the Hamptons International Film Festival. 

“Mission of Mermaids” is a fifteen minute, poetic plea to save our oceans. Part of the movie was filmed in Sagaponack.

Susan explained to me that, “The movie helps to link stories, statistics, myth and facts about our ocean in order to get people to better understand how important it is to take care of the sea. Everybody that comes out to the Hamptons loves the ocean. Half of the world population lives within fifty miles from the ocean and there is a connection globally regarding the importance of preventing its destruction.”

But what can an individual do in order to make a difference regarding our oceans? Susan reminded me that there organizations people can join that really do make a difference.

“I would love to see everybody join oceana.org or any kind of save the bay organization. Andy Sabin has CleanOceanZone.org or you can join the Peconic Baykeeper. I hope my movie helps inspire people to join organizations like that.”

Susan frequently paddle boards locally in the Hamptons with Gina Bradley, who owns Paddlediva.com. “Getting out there really helps you see how important and amazing the ocean is. When I’m paddle boarding, I really get an extra connection to the water and it increases my awareness about taking care of the ocean in the best ways that I can. I recommend that everybody gets out there so they can be reminded of the oceans beauty and importance to life and the earth.”

The movie is playing in East Hampton today at 5:30 p.m.
To learn how you can get involved visit: www.missionofmermaids.com.



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