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Dog Parks, James Bond and Rock ’n’ Roll

One of the coolest things in Springs right now is the Springs Dog Park. This park is a perfect example of how a community can get together and do something absolutely fantastic for its members at a very low cost. The dog park is an enclosed area that is accessed through a small gate that is always unlocked. You bring your dog, let him run around, and you get to hang out with other owners. It costs almost nothing to maintain and is a secret gem in the Hamptons.

If any town is looking for a model on how to use open land in a way that is positive for everybody, they should have a look at this dog park. I can’t say enough good things about it, and it cracks me up that Springs is the place that thought of this. Springs is supposed to be the blue-collar part of East Hampton. Well, guess what? Blue-collar people have this whole dog park thing figured out. We could use a few more. The rich folks in Southampton should be in favor of something like this—after all, it would mean less dog poop on the beach.


I think we all could use a little bit more rock ‘n roll. It’s good for you. Last Saturday I went to 75 Main to check out the band New Life Crisis, which was playing without a cover charge. I love when there is no cover charge to see live music. Whenever this happens, I make a point to spend more money at the bar—I hope more people spend some more cash for food and drink when places offer artists free of charge.


I personally know three people in the construction business who are so busy with work in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy that they are being forced to turn down business. At least some part of our society and economy is benefitting from this tragedy.


I don’t know how else to say this: I just think it’s completely nuts that America’s top spy got caught cheating on his wife by leaving behind an email trail. Even a high school kid knows that you shouldn’t do that. How does the TOP SPY not get away with this? I’m glad he didn’t, of course, but I’m just saying that if there is anybody on the face of the earth who should be able to successfully cover his tracks, it should be the head of the CIA.


Speaking of spies, I saw the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, and thought, How is this the highest-grossing James Bond film ever? The entire movie was unwatchable except for the villain (who was fantastic). But Q is a hipster? The only cool weapon is a palm-print identification handgun? Where was the takeover-the-world plot? Where were the stunts? Where were the laser beam contact lenses? The exploding underwear? Even Q mentions this fact in the movie: “We don’t really have those toys anymore, it’s a different world.” Yeah, a boring world. ALL I WANTED WAS SOME SHARKS WITH SOME FREAKING LASER BEAMS ON THEIR HEADS! IS THAT SO HARD?!

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