I’m A Registered Democrat Voting For Mitt Romney Today, Here’s Why

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Let me be clear. This is not an endorsement for Mitt Romney on behalf of Dan’s Papers, anyone associated with Dan’s Papers, our parent company, any of our advertising partners, the guys sitting next to me, the woman I was on line with at the bagel store this morning—it’s only who I personally am voting for. That’s it. And I’m voting for Mitt Romney today. After giving a lot of thought to this election, I’ve come to the conclusion that while Barack Obama has been extremely inspiring to see as my president, I think Mitt Romney is the better choice this election.

My reason for voting for Romney this election has entirely to do with his fiscal viewpoint.Barack Obama has an inability to make difficult decisions regarding monetary policy, and I feel that Mitt Romney will make these difficult decisions.

Barack Obama has been effective at letting the world know that America can change, that we won’t put up with somebody like George W. Bush, who spent wildly while making extreme tax cuts. Barack Obama has made that embarrassment a part of our past—however, he simply can’t avoid swiping the credit card, and he needs to avoid it.

I believe that less government is what America needs right now, not more, and I think that Mitt Romney gets that and Barack Obama doesn’t. Barack Obama doesn’t understand that America grows weaker the more we spend ourselves into China, just like George Bush didn’t get it. Both of them are were/are out-of-control spenders, they just spent on different things.

I’m fairly confident that Mitt Romney will overspend, mainly through political pressure, but I also think that he will live in financial reality and recognize the dangers of overspending, the dangers of too much government and the dangers of debt spirals. He will spend on things that are not necessary, but he will spend less, without a doubt in my mind, compared to Barack Obama. We need that, desperately in America. We need a leader that will stop the credit card lifestyle of the federal government.

I’m guessing that this will not be a popular post with much of my liberal readership in the Hamptons. But Mitt Romney is not George W. Bush. I don’t see him sending America down the path of a military state like George Bush did, and I don’t see him sending America down the path of a nanny state like Barack Obama is. I see him promoting business. And if you look around today, if there is one thing America needs, it’s more business, not more social security offices.

P.S. I’m still in huge favor of Tim Bishop and will be voting for him.

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