Karen Arikian Leaves Her Executive Director Post For The Hamptons International Film Festival And Leaves Behind Some Very Big Shoes To Fill

I’ve been thinking about the recent departure of the Executive Director to the Hamptons International Film Festival. That sounds like such a dream job! You get to be THE GUY at the Hamptons International Film Festival!

I was surprised when I read a press release about Karen Arikian leaving. The release said that Karen will be leaving to pursue new opportunities and she was quoted saying, “I have been very fortunate to have led this wonderful organization since 2008,” said Karen Arikian, “and I leave knowing that the Festival is stronger than ever, having just completed its 20th Anniversary edition.”

So true! Karen I’m going to miss you!

Karen will continue in her roles as U.S./East Coast Delegate for the Berlin International Film Festival and U.S. Consultant for European Film Promotion.

But there is a job opening at HIFF, and somebody needs to fill it. Somebody needs to go to the dinners, hang out with the celebrities and go to all of the parties. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

I guess we’re all forgetting that there is the dark side of the job. The crazy demands from movie makers, actors, media, local governments, staff…The headaches that you have to deal with regarding egos…It’s not all drinking wine and getting your picture taken with Alec Baldwin.

I have to hand it to Karen. I’ve really watched the progression of HIFF go from a few movies being held at the practice football field at East Hampton High School, to the international event that draws people from around the world to enjoy the Hamptons during a time of year that traditionally was slow for local business.

Whoever the next Executive Director is, they have some big shoes to fill!

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