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I Must Get My Hands On Some “Surge Protector IPA”

A beer on Long Island is being brewed for hurricane Sandy relief and that beer is called “Surge Protector IPA.” Must…get…one…

According to their website, Sandy Relief Beer started as a video project by photographer Matt Furman and writer Niko Krommydas, but quickly morphed into a collaborative relief effort by eight local breweries after Hurricane Sandy devastated Long Island and destroyed Barrier Brewing Company in Oceanside.

The participants gathered at Blue Point Brewing Company on December 04, 2012and brewed Surge Protector IPA, an India Pale Ale, to raise proceeds for victims of Hurricane Sandy and the temporarily closed brewery.

A beer company called “Barrier Brewing” was completely destroyed during hurricane Sandy, and half of the proceeds from Surge Protector IPA will go to helping them rebuild, their business suffered over $100,000 in damages.

Eight different brewers participated in making the beer, which include Barrier Brewing Company, Blind Bat Brewery, Blue Point Brewing Company, Great South Bay Brewery, Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, Long Ireland Beer Company, Port Jeff Brewing Company and Spider Bite Beer Company.


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