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Why Are There No Hamptons Women On AskMen’s Top 99 Women List?

I’ve been “researching” these pictures all day long today on the website, in search of one, JUST ONE woman who has some sort of connection to the Hamptons. But there is no one. Not a whisper of a Hamptons woman is to be found. Not even the always-good-for-a-Hamptons-story JLo made it on the top 99 hot women list.

Just for the reader’s information, Michelle Obama is on there, because you know…that makes sense.

ANYWAY, this is probably the thirty secondth time (who’s counting?) that I’ve browsed through the list of girls. Mila Kunis is on there, which I believe is well played, but then I ask around the Dan’s Papers office, “YO! DOES MILA KUNIS EVER COME OUT TO THE HAMPTONS?”

“Nay,” they say, “Nay. She does not.”

This is a damn Hamptons tragedy. If you look at any serious list in America, and I mean ANYTHING, there is almost always a Hamptons person on that list. Top richest men? Check. Top richest women? Check. Top beaches? Check. Top hottest women….WTF!!!!!????

I’m sorry, if Michelle Obama can get on this list then someone like Ashley Bush or Kelly Ripa should be able to get on there too! I MEAN COME ON, MAN!!! YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! AM I THE ONLY ONE AROUND HERE WHO IS THINKING THIS!!??

Ashley Bush and David Rattiner
Ashley Bush and David Rattiner

I digress.

Just for the record, has Obama‘s wife on the list and Kelly Ripa is not. I’m just putting that out there.


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