Barbara Walters Has Chicken Pox

Barbara Walters
Barbara Walters. Photo, Virginia Sherwood:ABC

Hamptons TV journalist Barbara Walters caught chicken pox this week.

The breakout of itchy red spots comes a little more than one week after Walters fell and cut her head on January 19, the day before President Obama‘s inauguration. She was hospitalized after her fall and had been running a temperature before catching the pox, according to her longtime network, ABC, where Walters hosts The View and airs interview specials.

Walters, 83, is now at home resting comfortably and is getting stronger, ABC reports.

Adult chicken pox is incredibly rare and often more serious and complicated than it is for children. A vaccine was introduced in 1995 and now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say only one in every 10,000 American adults are diagnosed each year. Tell us about your chicken pox experience in the comments below!


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