Bill and Hillary Clinton Are House Hunting In The Hamptons. How Cool Is That?

According to many media outlets, Bill Clinton is house hunting in the Hamptons. Last year he rented in East Hampton, and after spending the summer out here, he must have liked it. According to a source quoted in the New York Post, “They are looking to rent or buy a stately but relatively modest-priced oceanfront mansion. They have been renting here for a few years, and looking to buy on-and-off. When you look at what’s going on with them—the transition that Hillary is making—it makes perfect sense for them.”

The Hamptons needs the Clintons to buy here, we have the celebrities and the billionaires, but we are missing out on political royalty. When you think of Cape Cod, you think of the Kennedys. We need that here, so let’s hope that this news isn’t just media gossip.

Can you imagine having the Clintons as your neighbor? I’d be coming over and asking for a cup of sugar every day!

In all seriousness though, having the Clintons come to this area on a permanent basis would be nothing but great for the Hamptons. I’m actually surprised that they haven’t considered buying out here earlier, he’s been in and out of the Hamptons during the summertime for at least 10 years. Hopefully we’ll be seeing him around town soon!

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