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Fuerza Bruta In Union Square Is Amazing

Two friends of mine decided that they would bring my girlfriend and me into New York City to see, “Something that the two of you are really going to like.”

I don’t get into Manhattan enough, so the two of us headed in Friday night because we were intrigued by the mysteriousness of the idea of seeing something in the city that we knew nothing about.

Personally, I thought they were taking us to see the Blue Man Group. I was wrong.

What we went to check out is a show in the city called Fuerza Bruta and it’s the craziest show I’ve ever seen. It’s sort of got that weird, Blue Man Group feel to it, but instead of blue men playing drums, you have actors and actresses flying all over the room to electronic music. If I could describe it to you in one sentence, I would say that the show feels like you are awake watching the dreams of somebody else. It’s just really, really cool. I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of it.

I took some video of it. The show hails from Argentina and a few locals from the Hamptons have been working at the show for a few years now. I’ve heard that it is going to close soon, but due to popular demand they are thinking about keeping it open.

Check out the video. It’s really the only way to describe it. By the way, it’s also kid-friendly so long as the dark and a few loud noises don’t scare your kids.

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