Lennay Kekua is Alive, Real and Talking About Manti Te’o

DansHamptons web editor Oliver Peterson interviewing Lennay Kakua, former girlfriend of Manti Te'o, at the Dan's Papers office in Southampton.
DansHamptons web editor Oliver Peterson (right) interviewing Lennay Kakua (left), former girlfriend of Manti Te'o. Photo, Kelly Laffey.

Dan’s Papers has a reputation for hoaxes, but with all the madness around shamed Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o and his supposedly fake dead girlfriend Lennay Kekua, we thought it would be appropriate to spread a little truth.

Lennay Kekua is real and she’s alive. And she doesn’t appreciate all the reports to the contrary.

Ms. Kekua is visiting the Hamptons this week with hopes to escape the relentless throngs of press and paparazzi, and get a little rest and relaxation in the process. Thankfully, Kekua stopped by the Dan’s Papers office in Southampton to grant web editor Oliver Peterson the exclusive interview. We are grateful to be able to share it with you here.

Oliver Peterson: Hi, Lennay. We are just so appreciative that you chose to give DansHamptons.com this interview. How are you weathering the storm? Would you say you’re in a good place, considering the challenges you’ve faced these past two days?

Lennay Kekua: …

OP: That’s great to hear. So, everyone believed you were dead, and now they don’t believe you ever existed. Manti isn’t talking and his statement says he is embarrassed because you fooled him on Facebook. What actually happened? Did you guys ever meet in person? Did you lead him to believe you died for some reason? Was there someone else?

LK: …

OP: Wow… That’s just, well, wow. That’s a hell of a scoop. Do you feel your ruse may have done him some good? After all, he led the Irish to an upset victory over Michigan State in that epic game just four days after you and his grandmotherdied.” He had 12 tackles and the streak continued for some time. Was this grief-inspired prowess by your design?

LK: …

OP: I see. Were you ever even in a coma?

LK: …

OP: Got it. Well, what happens now?

LK: …

OP: That’s really wonderful. I hope the appearances work out for you. What about you and Manti Te’o? Is there a future there?

LK: …

OP: OK, well, thanks so much for speaking with us today. I know how important this time off is for you, especially right now. Enjoy the Hamptons. I wish you all the best and that you find some peace and quiet here on the East End. Let’s hope you don’t get recognized too much.

Oliver Peterson and Lennay Kakua pose in front of the Dan's Papers office in Southampton
Oliver Peterson and Lennay Kakua at the Dan’s Papers office in Southampton. Photo, Kelly Laffey. Te’oing like a champ!

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