Michelle Obama Inaugural Eye Roll Winner

Kiesha Washington-Dean won this T-shirt. Photo, Meredith Kennedy.

Thanks for those who participated in our Michelle Obama Inaugural Eye-Roll Quote Contest, where we asked DansHamptons.com readers to tell us what Speaker of the House John Boehner said to cause the First Lady to roll her eyes during Barack Obama‘s inaugural luncheon last week.

Kiesha Washington-Dean received twice as many votes as any other entrant, making her quote, “Slow down!” our winner!

The panel of judges included our CEO and several members of the web and print editorial staff. We thought it made sense, it was simple, funny and to the point.

For her effort, Kiesha will receive a Dan’s Papers a Hamptons Original T-Shirt, like the one pictured above, in the size of her choice.

Here are some of the other quotes that we’re in the running:

1. “There hasn’t been this much discussion about bangs in the White House since Clinton was in office.” —John Capone

2. “Michelle, why don’t you tell them to bring you some more?” —Kevin

3. “It’s pronounced ‘BAY-NER’, Michelle… ‘BAY-NER’.” —Colin Goldberg

4. ”Michelle, it’s not a piece of cake on his nose… it’s snot.” —Dennis

5. “Did you grow any of this in your garden?” —Mary

Thanks for playing!

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