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Montauk Mystery Photos: Name That Object

These photos were taken on the beach in Montauk last week by Bethpage and Montauk resident Arthur Badstuebner.

Can you identify the objects pictured? Mr. Badstuebner, a member of the Montauk Beach Property Owners Association (MBPOA), dropped by the Dan’s Papers office to share the pictures on his way home to Bethpage on Friday. He had spent the week working on his Montauk property and he took the pictures while walking the beach near his home.

“This was found at one of our [MBPOA] access ways down to the beach,” Mr. Badstuebner explained, noting that he thought it could be part of a shipwreck freshly emerged from the sand. “I always go down to the beach when I am at the house, as it is always different after a storm,” he added.

Can anyone identify the objects pictured?

Please share your conclusions in the comments below!

Identify the objects in this photo, taken in Montauk by Arthur Badstuebner
Can you identify the objects pictured? Photo, Arthur Badstuebner



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