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Read “The Czechs of Montauk” in VICE Magazine

VICE magazine, now exclusively online at, shared one travel writer’s look at Montauk‘s little known summer community of temporary Czechoslovakian workers. The piece, written by Aaron Lake Smith and illustrated by Mike Taylor, is an entertaining read and enlightening look at one of the many subsections of the Hamptons summer milieu.

Read the first paragraph here and follow the link to read the remainder of “The Czechs of Montauk” on

After the one hundred and twenty mile journey east from New York City to the furthest end of Long Island, my train came to the end of the line in Montauk. I stepped off the platform, brushing past the hordes of fashionable city-dwellers emerging from the maw of the LIRR train with their sunglasses and wheeled luggage in tow, rushing over to hybrid SUVs to be picked up by family and friends already well-acclimated to the syrupy pace of life at the ocean’s edge. I phoned my contact—a Czech guy named Lukas who I had met randomly in a New York City park—but he didn’t pick up. This was fine, as I felt like exploring alone anyway. The day felt pregnant with possibility and I wanted to wander around without the burdensome presence of a companion. I set off down a narrow, twisting road by the bay, past faded lobster fisheries and decrepit abandoned sea shacks, laundry lines strung up with cloth diapers and bras. Kennedy-esque middle-aged men, Yankees and WASPS, paused from working in their yards to wave hello.

I prowled behind the abandoned sea shacks, scouting for places to sleep in case Lukas never returned my phone call. In fact…

Read the rest of “The Czechs of Montauk” at

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