What Did Boehner Say to Get Michelle Obama’s Eye Roll?

Most people have seen Michelle Obama‘s now-infamous eye roll at Speaker of the House John Boehner during the inaugural luncheon on Monday. Barack seemed to think Boehner was funny, but Michelle was having none of it. Check out that body language!

What did Boehner say to prompt the eye roll seen around the world? Try your lip-reading skills, use logic or just make up something funny and share it in the comments below! We’ll choose the best answers and post them here in The Scoop for all to see.

The best answer overall wins a Dan’s PapersA Hamptons Original T-shirt! (Scroll down or click here to see the shirt.)

Now, watch the eye roll again, repeated four times in the video below, and tell us what Boehner said!

Dan's Papers T-shirt on a fence on the beach
The best John Boehner quote wins a Dan’s Papers T-shirt. Photo, Meredith Kennedy.