Wölffer Rosé Vinegar Will Return to Hamptons Tables

Wolffer Estate Rose Vinegar

Roman Roth has just completed a batch of Wölffer Estate winery’s popular Rosé Vinegar. It has not been released just yet as Roth is giving it “a little time to mellow.” East End epicures have been salivating for its release since Wölffer’s 2009 batch of vinegar sold out last year.

The winery‘s first batch of vinegar appears orange with a slightly golden Rosé shimmer. The nose has the classic acidity of vinegar, but is balanced by oak and yeast, as well as fruity notes. It’s vibrant and tangy with a refreshing aftertaste.

Created in the traditional French Orleans method of aging selected lots of Rosé wine for over six months in old wooden barrels. The ethanol slowly oxidizes into acetic acid, transforming the Rosé wine into Rosé vinegar.

Wölffer‘s finished 2009 batch of Rosé Vinegar, with 4.4% acidity, was limited to 414 bottles (500 ml), which were filled by hand in October of 2010.

Substitute it for regular vinegar for a new twist on old vinaigrettes or other recipes.

Check out the original here, but don’t get your hopes up—it’s been sold out for some time.

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